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Meet the Owner

The owner of Worthy of it All Boutique is Niajah Durant. She is a young entrepreneur who studies at Howard University. Niajah is a sophomore business management major from the greater Newark area of New Jersey.

 Niajah always had an interest in the fashion industry from around the age of 9. Niajah’s love for fashion began from when she first started sketching her own designs on models in her design book. She loved the idea of providing unique fashion styles for everyone, but as she got older she wanted to create something bigger. Niajah combined her passion for fashion, and her love for business to create Worthy of it All Boutique. She wanted to focus her boutique on the idea of being “worthy of it all” because she wanted women to set their own standards for beauty. Niajah believes that you should always feel cute, comfortable and confident in what you wear no matter how you are perceived!